Announcing….The Coil Coach!

The Coil Coach is here!!! My passion project has finally launched after two years in the making.

It all started eight years ago….

I’ve always been an educator in both physical and virtual spaces. In 2014, I launched an online platform for women with 4C natural hair who desired validation and support in caring for their tight coils. I saw this as a need for women who were not consistently or positively represented in the natural hair community. Consequently, I used my platform to share my knowledge on hair care tips and practices and to also offer a healing space for women to accept their coils and kinks. In less than a year, my blog garnered a community of over 5,000 women.

After graduating from college, I entered a depression. I stopped taking care of myself, and my hair and confidence took a serious hit. My thick and healthy 4C hair became thin and stringy. Afterward, I underwent my third big chop and decided to start fresh. Truthfully, I was ready to throw in the towel many times.


I spent three years overcoming this setback, nurturing my self back to health, and documenting this journey on my current blog,, and my social media channels. I wanted to prove that my 4C natural hair can bounce back and thrive. My hair and me have been the healthiest it’s ever been. This was part of my motivation to launch The Coil Coach.

Two years ago…

I got a very bold idea to start The Coil Coach. I took what I learned to launch a business that provides one-of-a-kind natural hair coaching services for women who want their type 4 coils and kinks to thrive.  My story was similar to many type 4 women struggling to love and accept their unique natural hair journey. The Coil Coach was birthed out of an idea that all coils can flourish, contrary to what the rest of the world thinks.

I am so excited to finally launch The Coil Coach – I look forward to serving you!

Author: Taiwo Kafilat

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